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Welcome to the City of Bel-Nor

In the Aftermath of the Recent Storms:

To find information about tree limb/branch disposal, please visit Bel-Nor.org, click on the "Documents" link, then click on "Helpful Information" to view a PDF file of what Republic Services requires for pick-up of trees branches, limbs, and lawn waste.  

In addition, if a city tree (a tree located in the tree lawn between the sidewalk and street) dropped a branch that is too big for you to remove, then please leave it in the tree lawn for Mr. Mark Potter to clear for you as soon as he can.  Please follow-up with a phone call to City Hall or an email to your alderperson so we can compile a list for Mr. Potter. 

However, if a tree that is located on a resident's property dropped large branches or limbs, we ask that the property dispose of the debris according to the Republic Services guidelines or contract with someone for removal.



Welcome to the City of Bel-Nor, located in Saint Louis County, Missouri just minutes from highways 170 and 70, the University of Missouri Saint Louis campus, Lambert International Airport, and many businesses and restaurants.  Founded in 1937 as the Village of Bel-Nor, residents voted to become the City of Bel-Nor in April 2015.  However, this change in classification did not alter the fabric of this community where brick houses line the streets and people look out for one another.  This neighborhood truly is a place where you will feel embraced and connected, if you allow yourself to share in conversation and the lives of those beyond your front door.  This website will hopefully become a quality resource for you as you live, work, and play in the City where "we live in the village and live as the village".
City office address: 8416 Natural Bridge Road, Bel-Nor, MO 63121
City office hours: M, T, W and F - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
City office phone number: 314-381-2834 
Bel-Nor Police non-emergency phone number: 314-381-2971
Bel-Nor Police Watch Phone number: 314-920-9513 
Christina Buchek, Bel-Nor Mayor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please see the "Government" tab for a list of streets in each Ward of Bel-Nor, the names of the Alderpersons in each ward, and a contact email address for each Alderperson.